NG Employee Benefits Savings and Insurance (NGEB)

Employee Benefit & Savings Programs


Thank you for the opportunity to present NGEB’s employee benefit programs.

Within the highly competitive work environment, top-performing employees, at any level, are hard to recruit and retain. Whether your company is considering an initial employee benefit program or if your company already provides a benefit program, such as a 401(k), NGEB’s benefit programs are able to work within both of these settings.

NGEB’s benefit plans are non ERISA employee benefit programs that are able to combine an indexed, tax-advantaged savings element with universal life insurance (IULs).  Because savings are combined with universal life insurance, savings are allowed to grow tax-advantaged / tax-deferred under Internal Revenue Code 7702.  The savings component is indexed off of indices such as Barclays and the S&P 500 and include a guaranteed base or floor of 0%.  Annual gains may or may not be subject to a cap depending on the IUL plan chosen.  It should also be noted that IULs have returned between 10 – 15%  seven of the last ten years (please note: past performance does not guarantee future market performance).

With a guaranteed base or floor of 0%, NGEB’s IUL-based programs provide options for employees who would like to save for the future – without the risk.  For those who qualify, NGEB benefit and savings programs provide access to:

  • Three-to-one leveraging strategies designed to improve savings by as much as 60 to 100% above other traditional savings options.
  • Upside market potential without the risk of traditional stock market-based plans.
  • Tax-deferred accumulation and tax-free distribution options.
  • Chronic, critical, terminal and death benefit coverage.
  • Group, individual and family health insurance coverage.

Please find presented various summaries outlining NGEB’s benefit programs.  As with any offering relating to employee benefits, there will be points of clarification that more than likely will be needed for each organization’s specific needs and interests.  As a company, NG Employee Benefits Savings & Insurance strives to understand and respond to the needs and interests of our clients – first and always. Again, thank you for your consideration and we look forward to being of service and working with you soon.