NG Employee Benefits Savings and Insurance (NGEB)

Employee Benefits & Savings Programs


NGEB’s programs provide a safer approach to employee benefits and savings while assisting in the rewarding, recruitment and retention efforts of businesses and organizations.  NGEB’s programs provide a basis for:

  • Primary Benefit Programs – When a company or organization seeks to initially offer an employee benefit, NGEB’s plans can be used as a primary benefit program. Whether your company is made up of one employee or if your organization employs hundreds of employees, NGEB’s plans have been designed to work in both of these settings. Because programs are non ERISA benefit plans, ERISA testing costs and compliance requirements are avoided.  Also, because NGEB’s plans are non ERISA, our plans can be offered to all employees or selectively.
  • Optional Benefit Programs – Where an organization has an established 401(k) or other benefit program, NGEB’s plans can be used as an optional program for employees who may not currently participate in the company 401(k) / other benefit program or those who are restricted in their participation such as highly compensated individuals. By offering tax-advantaged savings plans that guarantee a base or floor of 0%,  NGEB’s plans provide an option for employees who would like to save for the future within a program that offers upside market potential without the risk of many equity or traditional stock market-based plans.
  • Supplemental Benefit Programs – When an organization has key executives, professionals and other highly skilled employees that they would like to offer an additional benefit to, NGEB’s plans can be used as a supplemental benefit program. For example, as a non ERISA benefit program, NGEB’s plans may be used in conjunction with or used to supplement “maxed-out” qualified plans.